Who is Melanie?

Who is Melanie?

Here with Melanie Arnold, you are assured to work with a highly intuitive, accredited rapid transformation therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, specialist in dietless life coaching & life coaching that goes beyond if needs be..that stubborn block that we need to address with Rapid transformation therapy, where i will give you the keys to empower self and releasing old matter.

Melanie is also Frances first Dietless life coach offering one to one Coach, code conditioning program using a revolutionary method &integrating hypnosis.

Melanies is happy to accomodate you in her comfortable clinic in Chalabre located in the foothills of the pyrenees or Zoom face to face in the comfort of your own home. Flexible appointments for fundamental change in you life. simple booking calendar here to "meet, connect, and discover how Melanie will assist you to make the change you need..


With 43 years of dedication to understanding, learning & continual studies & professional development in human needs, functions, behaviours and the core of self belief, working alongside & facilitating renowned healers in many methods, integrating with professionals of mental wellbeing; it all began with the study of psychology and sociology. To gather knowledge, understanding, clarity & skills on how to road map people from pain, to empowerment, to heal, to be able to transform pain (Trauma) into a catapult for goodness and well being, a wound, weather conscious or unconscious, how to assist people to step into there uncompromised state of being to shed the unwanted hitchhiker that you acquire that perhaps has weighed them down for so long or through limiting beliefs, restricting beliefs , often caused by a childhood experience that the brain has cleverly stored away so you can get on with surviving... yet everything you do, respond to is based on an emotional experience at a very young age.

Maybe, something hurt you in your adolescents or present life.


This sounds complexed, but once you have seen your own incredible ability and we have harnessed your mind with new skills, new learnings and discoveries about self, accessing suppressed resource's that perhaps have been covered over by old thoughts & beliefs, or others beliefs or nobody showed you where to look? or how to seek - your wish to be¨ is at your command.

Where there is (a) will*, there is a way...will* resides in us all, some may have depleted levels, perhaps beliefs' that are not in truth ...But there is always a way, it is a blessing when you find that someone who humbly will show you where to look to find Your way.

On my own personal continual odyssey of self discovery was a deep knowing of my authentic potential to help others resolve & heal emotional trauma, pain, discomfort healing their mental health share knowledge, tools & insight on what is truly available to every living soul. My own therapeutic life journey processed and guided me to assist others on reaching the bridge of transformative steps.

Many talk of new human collective, some the end of the world, in this present moment, i call this evolving. Change is the passage of time; now we know better, we can do better.

Uncovering your authentic and uncontaminated self, laying dormant underneath layers of fear, self doubt, habits of self sabotage is your minds way of protecting you when you are dependent on caregivers or have learnt to be co dependant.

Your narrative belongs to you, and only you get to choose to change how the story ends.

We all acquire limitations, self imposed barriers by conclusion to events we have experienced sometime along the journey of life, my work is to guide you back for you to take back your uncompromised self, rapidly, safely, supporting the bridge to profound self-connection..

.Home. The foundations of your home consist of mind, physical, endocrine & soul...if one part of the foundation is not aligned, all is misaligned. MAA

Just imagine, if you were missing out on what you truly wanted, all because of your old foundations?

Why compromise when you can Optimize.

Melanie is a member of the international association of counsellors & Therapists

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