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Q&A regarding hypnosis using the RTT methodology & what is the difference with therapy v coaching

  • What is the difference between therapy & life coaching. The main difference is the focus of the work; Therapy focuses on mental health & emotional healing, whilst life coaching focuses on clarity, setting goals & achieving those goals.
  • why does being in a good mental health affect your physical well being. Mental health plays a key role in your physical well being
  • Will i be out of control? No, in fact you will access a heightened awareness to everything we discuss moving freely as you will tune into a more relaxed state of being, allowing your subconscious to interact engagingly.
  • Will i remember what happens in my session of RTT? Yes, you remain lucid throughout, so therefore able to recall the entire session when you ask.
  • If i wish to address more than one issue, how does this work? Everything we do together is tailored so uniquely to your needs so bespoke packages which benefit the client often financially; please feel free to contact me for further enquires.
  • Will i notice the benefits from my therapy session immediately ? Many clients make the transition breakthrough in 1 session, baring in mind of how deep rooted the issue may be is (hence i quote, some may need up to 3). Many will notice an immediate change, from in the session, the end of session and a few hours after, for some it will come cumulative and others retroactively 
  • Is working together using Zoom as effective as actually face to face physically? Yes, even for some the fact that they are in the comfort of their own environment can be a bonus, Many of my clients have worked via zoom as in the beginning this was my preferred option & client results were if you like, very very reassuring & also allows the client to stay relaxed, reflect after the session.
  • What if i feel the need to talk to you after the session? Even with 1 session, i remain along side you, always touching down with you via a call (time arranged after session) with the first connection the day after and thereafter 2 more connections by either written or verbal & always a review together after 21 day period, my intention is to support you until you are familiar with your transition & completed your bespoke audio prescription of 21 days ( clients sometimes keep their audios as they say it serves in other ways in other areas of their lives).

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