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When we know better, we do better ..The evolutionary & revolutionary therapeutic approach to rapidly make the changes you want heal to happen, advance in life, embrace all that you truly are that perhaps you have never witnessed in your self before flourish, progress, prosper, succeed & thrive.

OPTIMIZE with Melanie Arnold, Rapid Transformation therapy complementary pre consultation

OPTIMIZE with Melanie Arnold, Rapid Transformation therapy complementary pre consultation
Optimize4Life Coaching, mentoring Clarity, focus, resilience, resolves & sleep easy nights.
" Nutrition for the soul" 8 week programme .



"I had an RTT session with Melanie, and what I noticed at first meeting her was how intuitive and understanding Melanie was. I know immediately she would bring a lot of herself, her warmth and wisdom into the RTT session.

"I worked with Melanie on 'impostor syndrome'. I really liked how she initially suggested that etiquettes such as those (thus the quotiation marks) may shape our own understanding of ourselves, as we might so accept layers from the society-speak that don't really pertain to our life experience. And I agreed, so, we just worked on my 'fears' and feelings and experiences that emerged in the session. Melanie was so attentive and in tune with my feelings throughout the session.

"It was really easy to talk to her, to open and feel relaxed and supported in her company. In the consultation session, Melanie asked me some questions about my background, my experiences with these issues, and what I really wanted for myself. She assured me that we'd have a wonderful session and we did! In the RTT session I was regressed to the scenes all to do with the issues I wanted to resolve, and the scenes that came up were so unexpected. Melanie led me to inspect and unpick the scenes and it was mind-blowing to make the connections between the past and present. This understanding really helped me release what was holding me back! And Melanie led me so intuitively and smoothly throughout the whole process. She also made me a bespoke recording filled with amazing transformational messages, and spoken in powerful language. The recording really created an image of a new me that is so exciting to listen to!

"Thank you so much Melanie! With your gifts and knowledge, I have no doubt you'll help so many people with RTT and the unique soul-connection that you can create in the session!"


My life of money blocks ended withe my RTT with Melanie Arnold As an atist; i have many accolades and international successes but the money never followed. I have tried in multiple ways to address this core issue and although the other pillars in my life are abundant beyond my imagination, which wasnt always the case... the money block remained . in my first coversation with Melanie; she exuded complete confidence and magnificent, powerful clarity. she remarked immediately that their was a part of me that still wasn't completely open. I was sure she would work me thru this and I would land on the other side. Indeed i did. Her professional & eloquent use of the RTT skills combined wither her innate wisdom guided me gracefully and powerfully thru the experience that embedded this block in me. She was able to weave it altogether and gave me a golden transformation that has firmly removed all of my fears around receiving abundance i truly deserved. i knew there was no going back! I listen to her recording daily and i'm also conscious thru -out the day there is no longer even a question, an - I think" - I know that the struggle is now behind me, never to return. she's a BLOCK BUSTER!!! Feeling multitudes of gratitude and blessings to Melanie Arnold

Kohlene, Switzerland



Anne Anderson

8 months ago
This has been an awesome experience for me. Its helped me find myself and I've acquired a very good friend also.


9 months ago
I reached out to Melanie at a difficult point in my life and relationship. She was so supportive and allowed me to gain perspective on my si...
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Advisor & Mentor

Why not connect with the Advisory service of melanie ? Melanie has been an advisory for many business and personal matters, sometimes we just need to be heard to access our own direction. Email melanie and ask for Advisor appointment. [email protected]. weather business, personal, melanie has been a sought after advisor & mentor for over 2.5 decades

The weekend all about you retreat

Realign your mind, body & soul in the foothills of the pyrenees

A weekend of transformation, earthing.. why not contact us for more information.

A weekend time out to make the fundamental shift & be cared for. Your 10 x 5 salt water pool to float and process with the sounds of nature and pure mountain air to encourage your senses. Home made nutrition for the soul, renowned chief. Pyrenees mountains and forest oxygenating walk, short or long; Because its all about you.
Moments of stillness and silence. Begin your time for you is located at Melanie's home, nutritious two meals a day made with love. vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, pescatarian, raw, gluten and dairy free options prepared by our renowned chief who caters for some of the best well being retreats including in the south of france. Optimize therapy session. and full three point after care including whats app reach. collection and return to airport *Carcassonne & Toulouse.

August 2024 is fully booked, so we have just opened the doors for July 2024. There is also available in July 2024 a 3 day week made just for you (allowing for the travel before transforming).