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The uncompromised mind allows your creation of your best uncompromised life


Harness, Heal, Harness, Happen, if we keep re opening, re talking, the wound will never heal, the invasion of unwanted matter will lay residing in your core both physically, emotionally and in power.

From ordinary to extraordinary therapy

What does this type of hypnotherapy help with.

A proven treatment in a range of emotional, medical and psychological issues.

Here are some examples: Anxiety calibration, depression suppression


Chronic pain, stroke recovery, Fears & Phobias

Sexual issues Weight issues

Athletic performance

calibration of belief system, intuition

Self esteem & confidence

Career inbuilt cheerleader and missile approach to decision making and goals.

Stress and insomnia

Mood & memory enhancement

Working at source with Hypnotherapy, RTT regression and other, CBT, Psychotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and in the hands of profoundly intuitive empath.

Trauma informed

When you learn to dialogue with your ´subconscious, you are taking on new skills, a new tool set that profoundly becomes part of you, your mindset, you access to enhanced being.

Give yourself the gift of a life your soul the comfort of a great great mattress.

Time to calibrate your belief system!

Cleaning out the debris of your subconscious, oxygenates, lightens, upgrades resilience, clarity and realigns phenomenal into coping skills, allows self neuroscience knowledge to self, a new meaning from a greater understanding, allows the new perspective in clarity Choose to understand more of what IS available to you now;

Transform sabotage into supercharge.

Sabotage is self protection stuck in child brain response.

Transform inflammation to smooth acceleration.

Transform eating your emotions to nourishing your soul

" If i could not see the tools as i was blinded & my brilliant ears heard the footsteps of passer by as an adult with a voice i would ask the passer by as he is human just like me, to take my hand and let me feel where they were, at that moment there i would ask them to show me by feel them debris of old foundations that was so close i could almost feel it; so i may feel the composition and the unaligned and from there i can create the foundations of my home with the knowledge, my experience of live and understanding as an adult and innate wisdom i was born with".

Amid the debris of confusion & self sabotage .

Your belief system defines you, your beliefs about you that 90% of us are unaware of like a fallowing blow of sabotage, disempowering beliefs, because your beliefs influence everything you do, you want, you aim for. Beliefs define you.

You were born into an environment that was already made, how you were to be raised, out of your control and within the belief system of your parents or caregivers, peer pressure and many other factors that deviate you from self and structure your belief system about many many things is conditioning, programming. but most importantly the way you feel about self, the way you think about you, the way you respond to life, the choices you make, what you attract. The foundation the blueprint of self.

If you are feeling, unhappy, unhappy in your skin, unfulfilled, not loved, unlovable, unable to love, unable to dive into life, overwhelming stress unable to create the life you want, overwhelmed, depressed, suffering with anxiety, suffering from inflammation of your mind, your body , that your soul is in torment, hypervigilance, self loathing, suffocating shame, impulsivity that is making you feel uncomfortably different or believe that you cant connect like others it hurts, if you are suffering and feeling life has you in a vice, racing thoughts and creation of physical pattern response. do you feel so lonely because you distance or isolate your self from getting hurt.

I can help you to reign what is yours.

Are you resorting to self sabotage which seems to come layer after layer, the attempt to sooth self, the attempt to steady a racing heart, to regain balance, a sense of safety...are you trying to reach a feeling by abusing yourself with drugs, alcohol, porn, gaming, shopping, spending, eating; yet you have no conscious idea of the concept that you are trying to meet a need that is anchored in the subconscious, in the pillar of your foundations, yet in reality the needs you have to fulfil your life now are very very different. What if i said that everything you feel is coming from a very old thought or understanding of an old thought a long time ago and in your adult life, every time the feeling is activated it will associate with an old outdated and hidden thought that originally created the feeling, and the belief you attached to the meaning as a child. so in effect you are an adult being driven by a childs interpretation /meaning attached to that feeling...ahh now its resonating to make sense.

The frequency the vibration that your omitting does it serve you well? Does something inside of you sometimes scream, this is not me, this is not who i truly am altered because in your child belief system at the core of you it meant survival, protection or even punishment because if so you will continue to connect with frequencies, vibrations, mindsets that match your own, even if you feel passionately that the way you feel or are is not what you want.

I can help you if you are ready to be shown where to look, because that is what im trained to do, this is the work deeply engrained in my heart with a skill set to match; how to gather how to turn the page, how to empower the help your self.

When you, your belief system that you constructed from the child mind that is pure feeling and does not have the resources to understand any other way, that had to try and make sense, of an experience by self from the meaning you attached to a thought, that created a feeling (disproportionate) limiting as you were an innocent child and children are all feeling.. if not a positive giving or nutritional value to the soul, will remain anchored in the foundation until you yourself go back and make the change, allowing realization that you can unhook the anchor, the awareness of who you are in that present moment. Allowing self the experience as an adult with a very different mind, you to review what it was in the belief that hurt you, that gave you a conclusion to remove yourself from you. To connect to your physical response to that feeling that lays anchored to a learnt experience a long time ago, how its physical feeling in your body driven by your mind has never completed its circle and exit and sabotages your every attempt to change a habit, a response, behaviour, your self belief, the utter best parts of feeing alive and fully integrated with self. To flow with ease with the ebb and flow. To be heard, to feel gratitude in its simplest and purest form of gratitude for self.

I Can & will help you identify with profound missile precision the block, the stuck, the mind that races like wild stallions, the depression suppression that denies you. clear out outdated data, subconsciously conscious that is running you, your physical, emotional, behavioural, habitual , so you take charge, install & update change that has evidently happened yet sabotaged by a internal system that is out dated & support your journey into natural automatic integration with self. Rapidly teaching you how to use the tools perhaps you didn´t know existed inside of you. Rapidly empowered change.

It is never about blame as blame will hold you in negative neurochemical cycle, its not about fault as fault will never magnify what you can create for self & fault will endeavour to hold you in its sabotaging clutches. What it truly is what hurt you*

Validation is fundamental, to be validated.

"A good teacher will show you where to look" & when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear - Lao Tzu

Creation of new neural (loom/wiring) pathways.

Neuroscience/pseudoscience NLP
The foundations of self that lay in your subconscious are the foundations created by the child mind, there for the composition without the instruction manual on how to build you best you, enabling you to have, recognise, feel, connect easily, to see beyond a thought, to love and be loved, to speak and articulate, to align with your hearts desire, your soul and to have the experience of full sense of worth,

Leave debilitating self limiting beliefs in the past where they belong & making space for the new by gaining clarity, new insight in order to change at the core and take charge of how your life is lived through the delivering method of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

When you reach despair, overwhelming emotions, exhaustion from trying to change something in your self or understand why you do the things you do that you don't like, perhaps why do i respond the way i do, explode in anger, frustration, hurtful to someone i care about and it feels like i cant control it, cant help myself. or i feel so stressed out i cant think straight, Why do i keep going back for more when it hurts me i aim for a bullseye in my life my inner self shuts me down. this is absolute sabotage of your own driver, your belief system & that was never your fault! a commitment to self and that commitment is enough to be enough as your were born enough. learning to harness the full power of your mind, your whole mind and the choosing to acquire the tools to equip yourself for your best possible fulfilled life.

Have you ever asked yourself, when did i lose self belief, when did i start to doubt myself, when did i and why do i , why do i belief im not enough, that's not an option for me because? or where did i come to the conclusion and why.. that something i know deep inside i am and i can, but are left with a conclusion a justification to self that that something is not available to you or an option for you. Do you sometimes hear the echoes of your own thoughts saying, that´s just the way it is?

Can't connect, something doesnt feel right, I'm different, i can't explain why or the words its a long story and then you just dismiss it. This can often leave feelings of loneliness & a prisoner of your own thoughts, that wont give you what you really want. Freedom to be !

Understanding is power & during years of your younger years of being conditioned by others, the inauthentic creation of self, you're belief system, self esteem, self worth and value, will be bulldozed into limiting beliefs in order to survive as we are dependant on others at a the very beginning of life, the foundations, the blueprint from which we run ourselves from driven by fear & limiting beliefs further into the journey of life? It was all put there for a reason once upon a time. My compassion and empathy given from the experience of life is all yours, as we move you gently into change. hungry for knowledge of how your use your tools ?enough to make that change happen, understanding the essence of peace of mind, the vision of a good life and the closure of the judge and demon inner critic.

What does a good life mean to you? what does it mean to you perhaps for someone you deeply love or care for to live their best life?

Many issues or concerns can be resolved in one therapy session of Optimize (Optimal fast change therapy) using the RTT methodology, Even in complex issues the session will loosen the bonding and binding to realise and begin manifesting what you really want, breaking through unwanted habits of action sourcing the core confidence to achieve your personal, physical, professional & soul calling desire by choice,

Phobias are a common issue that are often resolved in one session, unwanted habits & behaviours & many more issues.

More complexed rooted issues may take up to 3 sessions.

PTSD and CPTSD, DID, somatic symptom disorder,

somatization, sections may need a little longer as the mind focuses on one issue at a time.

¨The seeds of trauma that lay within, the potential to growth, that some may never.. experience¨


Optimal fast change therapy to resolve & heal emotional trauma, pain, discomfort carried through from the past. Creating the place, the space for your authentic self to flourish, your innate intelligence to flow. allowing you to build in the missing parts in your life. thereafter applying with 4life coaching to complement & familiarise self with your rekindled you, the version you were born to be. new best of you.

Mind, physical, endocrine.
soul...if one is out of alignment all is unaligned.

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" But i don't want to spend my whole life healing, I want to happen."

Calibrate your belief system

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