Are you eating your emotions? Are you ready to fill up on life

Are you eating your emotions?   Are you ready  to fill  up on life

Lets just jump straight in with a few facts..

88% of people with eating & weight burden/issues , have acquired them because they have acquired an emotional relationship with food.

There are many types also of eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa, bulemia nervosa, pica, rumination , AFRID, OSFED, where their is an extreme focus on food. These are a range of psychological conditions that cause unhealthy eating habits.

85% of people comfort eat because they perhaps have aquired a negative body image, how they see them selves, how they feel about themselves and how they physically feel in their skin.

Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings or to temporarily solve things like anger, loneliness, boredom, unhappiness, because eating temporarily switches them off from the negative charged emotions.

Did you know their are 8 different types of emotional eaters?

Did you know that a child's coping mechanism to stress/sadness/emotional pain /unmet needs or feeling overwhelmed is to soothe with food; swallowing down the emotion. This is a huge issue for many people, including once myself.


Two reasons why i trained to provide this revolutionary method that resolves the issue at the very core, it wasn't sales but facts, a genuine get to the cause of what was behind the issue of aquired excess weight. Whilst recognising the phenomenal life changing results in the methodology of marisa peers Rapid transformational therapy during training a few years ago and having success after success for my clients, i equally quickly realised the need to specialise also in emotional eating as it has become an epidemic in society & food is essential for survival.

During the time of additional training to specialise, whilst my mind was being nourished with truths about the food industry, the diet industry, advertising and the psychology behind it all being fully drawn to my awareness; The day in coaching where i went back to my childhood and made the connection via hypnosis to why every day i felt i had to have something sweet around 3.30 pm to was that one moment in the day when my mother would pick me up from school she was all mine, just mum & I, always with sweeties, that sacred hour of feeling so validated, significant and yup, my mum must really love me because she brings me treats.

There were several hugely impacting insights to understanding myself in the most liberating sense, and there began whilst i was training in this revolutionary approach to us and food, the automatic shedding of excess weight began...everything began to seem lighter inside, released, flowing. Then people began to comment wow you look good, have you lost weight ( my mind knew it was not loss, it was automatic shedding. I had began to become indifferent to certain foods that i once would crave or binge on. This was no diet, this was food for my soul, an understanding beyond conscious thinking that in turn liberated habits of action that had had me sabotaging the lightness of life, the incredible body that had carried me unwanted behaviours had lost there foothold; the more i trained, coached others the more the benefits flowed, like clear headed, a powerful sense of gratitude for self emanating towards the world.

There became this program of transformation * nutrition for the soul* As once where i had hurt myself was the awareness that i had created food for my soul, nutritious, light, satisfying fulfilling and flourishing. loving me in a way naturally i never new existed.

Resolving the problem, the burden that consumes us.

Its time, time if anything.. to begin to allow forgiveness to self, the concept, feel the feeling..Because It Was Never Your Fault. I can only offer you program this cleansing, liberating journey , it is you who decides

Oops time for another fact.

Over 90% of people regain any excess weight & over 70% of the dieters club cycle become heavier than when they first were consumed by the concept of diet.

Did you need to go on a diet when you were born?

You see we were never designed to diet & diets don't work, 97% of diets have a failure rate, they fail you and leave you feeling a failure, the food industry just got bigger and the psychology of food and the minds perception was drawn on by the food industry & that is fantastic for the diet industry, doesn´t mind at all..they will be waiting for your next round, maybe with a new proposal of a diet type.

Think this is a point where a scientific fact is required.

The problem with repeatedly dieting is your Resting metabolic rate is now significantly lower than if you had never dieted.

No diet equally can raise your resting metabolic rate.

Over time, continuous yo yo dieting will lower it for good.

The truth of the gruelling & cruel cycle circle of diet.

No diets, no punishment, no good points or bad, no calorie counting, no gym must do, no restrictions, everything is already within you naturally.  

Transforming to truth, a new view, a cleaned out new you, nutrition for the soul.

The added bonus of some incredible, easy nutritious recipes, including raw foods, processed sugar free, dairy free from my some of my life experiences of catering for some of europes most renowned wellbeing centres, keeping delicious in your journey.

How does this work?

Reducing this down to an 8 week program, with 90minutes per week live with me coaching, hypnotherapy your own unique crafted bespoke audios so personalised to your needs, it hits the spot. via zoom or in person. Assisting you, supporting you to your ideal weight, learning to love the body your in and freeing your mind from its shackles by teaching you how to overcome and rise way above the once believed pitfalls, homing in on the cause, the reason where the issue with food began, using hypnosis to reinforce the new you & helping you adapt to your new ideal weight, shape and entire relationship with food; building in skills to overcome social difficulties around food when you once and for all discover what was eating you, there is the breakthrough to finally carving the road forwards. Better, healthier, happier, freer, lighter, clearer.

Lets get personal, that one moment in your life when it all begins to changed.

Start by booking your complimentary consultation, shed the burden of carrying something that doesn't belong to you, naturally resuming beautiful you - BOOK HERE NOW your free to know more call and receive a jest from the program of a mini workbook, one to get more insight for yourself, now that tastes good.

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