Are you eating your emotions? Are you ready to fill up on life

Are you eating your emotions?   Are you ready  to fill  up on life

Lets just jump straight in with a few facts..

88% of people with eating & weight burden/problem, have them because they have an emotional relationship with food.

85% of people comfort eat because they have a negative body image, how they see them selves, how they feel about themselves and how they physically feel in their body.

Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings or to temporarily solve things like anger, loneliness, boredom, unhappiness, because eating temporarily switches them off from the negative charged emotions.

Did you know their are 8 different types of emotional eaters?

Did you know that a childs response ability, coping mechanism to stress/sadness/emotional pain or feeling overwhelmed is to soothe with food; 

This is just the first reason why Dietless life CCC solves the problem, the burden that consumes us & releases you from the diet industry.

Oops time for another fact.

Over 90% of people regain any excess weight & over 70% of the dieters club cycle become heavier than when they first were consumed by the concept of diet.

Did you need to go on a diet when you were born?

Did your caregiver say no fat f

You see we were never designed to diet & diets dont work, 97% of diets have a failure rate, they fail you and leave you feeling a failure, the food industry just got bigger and the psychology of food and the minds perception was drawn on by the food industry & that is fantastic for the diet industry, doesn´t mind at all..they will be waiting for your next round, maybe with a new proposal of a diet type.

Think this is a point where a scientific fact is required.

The problem with repeatedly dieting is your Resting metabolic rate is now significantly lower than if you had never dieted.

No diet equally can raise your resting metabolic rate.

Over time, continuous yo yo dieting will lower it for good.

The truth of the gruelling & cruel cycle circle of diet.

How does this work?

Lets get personal, that one moment in your life when it all changed.

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