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Dietless life conditioning pre consultation

Dietless life conditioning  pre consultation

If diets worked, would you still be looking for a solution?

The one thing that is sustainable, which may be why you stay within the diet industry the way you feel.

Are you eating your emotions, trying to swallow down, push down or feed to meet your unmet need.   

Do you feel like you need to clear everything on your plate, yet your feeling physically full?

Do you have cravings, perhaps at a certain time of the day?

What does that inner chatter say to you, perhaps, I cant your action obliges your thought?

After every thought, there is created an emotion and from that emotion your action/behaviour responds. What if i told you the truth, facts...that often we are still running on outdated neuros quite simply as these were the foundations of your creation.

Your mind will do everything and anything to meet that blueprint you layed into belief system in order to survive, the mind doesn´t care if its right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, its just want to appease you as its primary job is survival.

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