Privacy Policy

Your therapy sessions are confidential within the service and this confidentiality will apply to any records in accordance with the Data Protection Act (GDPR) 2018. 

All therapists & counsellors are required to be in supervision, and I will take relevant issues from the therapy relationship into supervision. In supervision I will therefore take vigilant care to preserve clients' anonymity. In exceptional circumstances confidentiality may be broken. 

The circumstances that may or could include are as follows: 

Where you as a client give consent for the confidence to be broken verbally and written. 

Where as an accredited professional, I feel it is appropriate to consult with other professionals such as your General practitioner where there is a risk of harm to you or a third party, in extreme cases I am compelled by law. 

Nb statutory law requires me to inform the relevant concerned authorities for example, terrorist activities, abuse of a child or vulnerable (at risk) adult. 


If at any point a recording of your session is required for supervisory reasons, ongoing CPD, your permission will verbally be asked and upon your agreement, a written agreement will also be requested. These recordings will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act and according to the manner required will be wiped clean or destruction according to privacy laws. 

Bespoke recordings given by M A Arnold 

Bespoke recordings will remain the copyright property of Melanie Arnold & are to be used uniquely for the client named & engaged in this contract.

The client must also be strongly aware of their responsibility to their own success to use there bespoke recording daily for a minimum of twenty one days to complete their contractual agreement. Bespoke recording shall not be listened to by the client whilst operating machinery, supervising minors, or driving.