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Identity crisis/self belief/self esteem /self sabotage & the road to self empowerment

Identity crisis/self belief/self esteem /self sabotage & the road to self empowerment

Finding your way, isn´t that what we all search for..

Do you suffer with any of the issues mentioned below.



Is something not available to you, not an option?

Do you find yourself thinking, i cant connect like others, communicate like others, i feel different? 

I am just not enough to do, to be.

Feeling worthless? Helpless, underpowered.

Are you achieving your full potential, do you know your full potential? Release yourself and embrace success in all areas of your life.

Do you find yourself frustratingly saying¨ what is it¨ ¨why¨

What is it you want to get to the bottom of, to be free from? very often, we cannot find the answer to that.

  • Issues/problems that you want to resolve.
  • Behaviour that you want to change.
  • Physical blocks, managing injury, pain or dysfunction, Stroke rehabilitation.
  • Feeling challenged by your relationships (work colleagues, community environment, personal intimate relationships, family.
  • self denial for the good things in life.
  • overwhelming feelings of insecurity, anxiousness or stress, depression.
  • unable to relax, flow peacefully, or to enjoy the present moment in its full, feeling out of sync.
  • Cant find your way, identity crisis; Are you feeling that you have got to a point in your life and it feels like you are recoiling back inside your self, drowning in self.
  • coma reach.
  • phobias - stopping you from enjoying your life the way you truly want to.
  • Weight, body image issue's ( Are you eating your emotions? what's eating you?).
  • Low self esteem, lacking in self belief, self worth, lacking in true confidence? not able to see your true self value.
  • Feeling stuck or a your head wont stop turning, searching;
  • Sleep issues ( the crucial time of cellular restoration each day).
  • Addiction - there are many forms. To override or suppress a feeling/emotion that needs to be understood.
  • PTSD 

The two components to happiness are the balance of emotions & personnel feelings about life in its present moment, how satisfied you feel with different areas of your life & things that you consider important.  

Feeling stuck in life, caged or a prisoner of your own thoughts.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, unable to relax.

Are you yearning to live life to the fullest? If so, you're not alone. Isnt that what we all desire?

These issues can be incredibly challenging to overcome & often debilitating as every supressed emotion eventually will cause a phsical reaction. 75% of human ailaments are functional not oraganic. Your body will act in a way that absolutely matches your mind. 


Your don´t need to suffer; You made it, you survived, now its time to choose "life".

Rapid Transformation Therapy offers unparalleled results, it does what it says on its label, works rapidly, bypassing the need for continuous therapy sessions, putting you into your empowered self You can experience life-changing results in often just one 90 minute session for a range of psychological & emotional issues; Some more complicated issues or conditions may require up to three RTT sessions.

Sometimes, just a little coaching is required, to put in the strategies of how to dialogue with your own mind. Through that one connection, everything will be tailored uniquely to your requirements.

Don't wait any longer to start your transformation to be who you truly wish to be. Everything starts with a thought... it all begins with a thought! Make Yours. positive Book today to schedule your 15 to 20 minute free connect ,inspire call to answer any questions and take the first step.